Leather Cleaning Kit

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A complete leather care kit to ensure you are properly maintaining your leather seats. Spray McKee’s leather shampoo on the VLB and massage cleaner into the seat gently cleaning the surface of dirt, grime and oils. Use a professional microfiber towel to thoroughly wipe off the excess cleaner from the seat. For extra agitation for heavily soiled seats use the Detail Factory Boars Hair brush. Added soft bristle brush is gentle to use for dusting delicate trim pieces, dashes, instrument clusters and soft piano black consoles and trim.

Leather Cleaning Kit contains:

(1) 16 oz Mckee’s 70/30 Leather Shampoo

(1) VLB - Vinyl Leather Brush

(1) Detail Factory Short handle Soft Bristle Brush

(1) Detail Factory Long handle Boars Hair Brush

(4) Shiney’s Professional 300 GSM Microfiber towels