Bull Shine Leather Conditioner (16 oz)

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Shiney's Bull Shine Leather Conditioner is a natural creamy formulation designed to restore your leather to its original texture and appearance.

  • Natural, lanolin and glycerin base prevents leather and vinyl from cracking
  • Quickly restores leather, softens and renews
  • Pleasant leather scent

How To Use:
Always begin with a clean surface. Use Shiney's Bull Shine Interior Cleaner to remove any dirt and grime from the leather.

  • Spread Leather Conditioner on a premium microfiber applicator pad; just enough to coat the applicator pad.
  • Spread the Leather Conditioner cream evenly over the surface, then massage deep into the leather similar to rubbing lotion into your hands.
  • If there is any excess leather conditioner on the surface, remove any excess with a microfiber towel to restore a soft, smooth, and silky feel.

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