Microfiber Towel Care

Microfiber Care

We hear and see many questions on how to properly care for microfiber towels. A mild detergent, with no dyes, perfumes or fabric softeners is recommended and air drying or drying on low heat is recommend. Avoid mixing colors, due to a potential for bleeding and avoid mixing with linting towels, such as cotton.

Wash prior to use. This helps remove any excess lint from the factory.

Washing Microfiber

  • Wash in warm or hot water with mild detergent
  • Use a mild detergent that are free of dyes, perfumes, and fabric softener. Fabric softeners will clog the open spaces in the microfiber and the towel will no longer be effective.
  • Do not mix cotton towels and microfiber towels together. The microfiber towels will pick up any lint from the cotton towels. Mixing with synthetics that do not lint is ok.
  • Hand washing, using a soft bristled brush is also possible. Wash in hot water with mild detergent. Ensure you thoroughly rinse.
  • For heavily soiled towels, presoaking in a bucket with hot water and detergent helps loosen dirt and grime and breaks down waxes and polishes. 
  • Adding distilled vinegar to the bleach dispenser also helps breakdown waxes and polishes and helps keep the towels soft. 

Drying Microfiber

  • Air dry setting in the dryer is the preferred method
  • Microfiber dries quick
  • If your does not have an air dry setting, set it on low heat
  • Dry with other microfiber products - do not mix with other linting towels

Microfiber is one Mighty Fiber


Microfiber is a synthetic fiber made from a combination of polyesters and polyamides and is stronger and more durable than natural fibers.

The cross section of a microfiber yarn reveals a ‘cracked’ star pattern which collects more particles of dirt than natural fibers. A static charge pulls dirt to the microfiber, and keeps it within the cracked yarns reducing the risk of swirl marks, scratching or marring.

Cotton towels push dirt particles around the surface and could cause swirl marks, scratches or marring to your paints surface. Chamois create suction between the chamois and the paint risking scratches, swirl marks or marring as well.

Microfiber is microfiber is microfiber...no!

The density of the towel is expressed in GSM (grams per square meter). The higher the GSM, the higher the number of fibers which generally increases weight, thickness and ability to absorb. Lower GSM towels and blends containing more polyester are less soft and increase the chance for swirl marks, scratches and marring. These towels are generally all purpose towels and are great for engine bays, door jambs and wheels but should not be used on paint.

GSM Calculator

To measure, GSM you can easily weigh your towels with a small food scale and change the units to grams. Enter the dimension of the towel and the weight below to see the GSM result. 

Calculator placeholder


Towel Recommendations by Task

Wheels, Engine Bays, and Door Jambs:  Professional Microfiber Towels (GSM: 300)

Washing: Fluffy Microfiber Wash Mitts - one for upper portions of the vehicle and one for lower, dirtiest portions. 

Rinseless Washing: Fluffy Microfiber Wash Mitts , Plush No Edge Microfiber Towel (GSM: 500)

Drying:  The MicroTwist Drying towel is our most absorbent and soft drying towel which we strongly recommend. Dry the vehicle by using a blot, pat and pull technique to ensure no swirl marks are created. (GSM: 800). For soft paints, we recommend the Plush Waffle Drying towel (GSM: 490). For large surface areas, we also recommend the Twisted Monster (GSM: 1,100)

Interiors: Professional Microfiber (GSM: 300) or Plush No Edge Microfiber Towel (GSM: 500)

Wax, Ceramic Coating Removal: Plush Microfiber (GSM: 500), Plushie (GSM: 900) or Super Plushie (GSM: 1100) Microfiber Towel. Fold the towel in quarters and use a quarter for a few wipes, then change sides, use a clean side of the towel to avoid streaks. Coatings we recommend the Professional Microfiber (GSM: 300) due to its short nap and ease of leveling coatings. Apply the coating with our Blue Microfiber Applicator pads. 

Polishing or Buffing:  Plush Microfiber (GSM: 500), Plushie (GSM: 900) or Super Plushie (GSM: 1100) Microfiber Towel

Cleaning Glass: Diamond weave Glass Towels are perfect for glass.