Bull Shine Wheel Cleaner (16 oz)

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Shiney's Bull Shine Wheel Cleaner is a non-acid based liquid cleaner which removes brake dust, grease and road grime. Our Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all wheel types.

  • Non-acid based cleaner
  • Removes brake dust, grease and road grime
  • Safe on all wheel types


  1. Agitation - this is the key word for clean wheels and tires. Spray the wheel cleaner on the wheels and tires and begin to agitate.
  2. Start by agitating the wheels and scrubbing all the surfaces and in between the spokes. This helps to release all the brake dust, dirt, grease and road grime.
  3. Once all the brake dust, dirt, grease and road grime is released from the wheels, move to the tires and use the stiff brush to scrub all the dirt out of the tires. Dirt gets caught in tiny pores in the tires, and the stiff brush allows for you to really pull all the dirt from the dirt.
  4. Rinse thoroughly to remove any excess product and dirt from the wheels and tires.